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DEADWOOD, S.D. (04/20/18) – A former Deadwood casino general manager has invented a new version of blackjack that will be introduced to the gaming public on May 1st at Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Terry Houk, a 25 year veteran of the gaming industry who has ran casinos in Colorado and South Dakota was frustrated with the slow pace and the same routine of regular blackjack so has been working for the past two years on his new version called ‘Triple Win 20’.

“Since retiring, my wife and I have traveled extensively across the United States and had the opportunity to play in many casinos,” said Houk. “Every location had many empty tables, so I thought there has to be a better way to give the customer a more entertaining experience.”

‘Triple Win 20’ is a variation of blackjack which follows the standard rules of blackjack except for some exciting distinctions, including allowing the player to win automatically if they receive an Ace as their first card or a total of 20 in the first two cards. This variation will speed up the normal pace of the game and allow more hands to be dealt per hour.

“There have been a number of blackjack variations to hit the market the last few years but all of them seem to be complicated for both the dealer and the customer,” noted Houk. “I set out to make a version of blackjack that is not complicated for the dealer while still being exciting for the customer. Plus, with more hands per hour, it increases the opportunity for the customer to win more frequently.”

While training will take place at Deadwood Mountain Grand the next couple of weeks, the first hands will be dealt beginning at 2pm on Tuesday, May 1st. If the game proves popular, it will be eligible to be placed anywhere in South Dakota on June 1st with Houk’s ultimate goal of eventually having his game placed in 100 locations throughout the U.S. “It’s been a great adventure inventing this game,” smiled Houk. “I appreciate the opportunity from the South Dakota Commission on Gaming as well as Deadwood Mountain Grand for being the first location to host this variation. I sincerely believe the public will enjoy this game.”

For more information about Deadwood Mountain Grand, visit or call 605-559-0386. To open your free Grand Rewards Center membership bring a photo ID to the Grand Rewards Center counter, located in the Deadwood Mountain Grand Resort Casino.

Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel, a Holiday Inn Resort is the newly restored 1906 Homestake Mining Co. ore processing plant that overlooks Historic Deadwood, which features a 98-room luxury hotel, 210 state-of-the-art casino games, high stakes gaming action, a 2,500 seat entertainment and event center and a multi-level parking garage.

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