DEADWOOD, S.D. (7/16/18) – The Northern California avant-rock trio Primus fuses the skittering rhythmic attack of progressive-metal bands like Rush, the groove of funk and eccentricity of such experimental artists as Frank Zappa, the Residents, and Captain Beefheart, and as part of their new world-tour this much lauded rock band will be playing Deadwood Mountain Grand live on Friday, October 5th.

Fronted by bassist-vocalist Les Claypool, who can produce thousands of bizarre tones on his instrument and almost as many cartoonish characters with his voice, Primus has journeyed from the underground to the headlining spot at the 1993 Lollapalooza music festival, arguably the nation's most important alternative rock tour. Joe Gore of Guitar Player cited guitarist Larry "Ler" LaLonde's description of the group's sound as "progressive freak-out music"; Gore also noted what he called "the Primus paradox: if your music is really uncommercial, you can sell a ton of records."

For a moment, Claypool thought his claim to fame would be as the bassist for the up-and-coming (and later superstar) metal group Metallica. Original bassist Cliff Burton had been killed in a bus accident, and as a childhood friend of guitarist Kirk Hammett, Claypool got a chance to audition for the spot; but his affinity for R&B acts like the Isley Brothers scared the head bangers off. Eventually, he recruited LaLonde to take Huth's place in a revamped Primus. The group was two-thirds new and participating in a live recording that became the first Primus album, ‘Suck on This’. Released in 1989 on the group's own Prawn Song label, it was financed with $3,000 borrowed from Claypool's father.

In 1991 Claypool and company released ‘Sailing the Seas of Cheese’, a further refinement of their sound. "In many ways the more metallic, undulating Frizzle Fry is a better document of the ugliness and energy that is Primus," reflected Musician' s Matt Resnicoff, "though Cheese' s pristine presentation captures its own space in a world where saying something sucks is like a love tap." Guitar Player marveled at the group's eclecticism: "These avant-head bangers combine speed metal energy, funkoid groove, and art-rock quirkiness (imagine Metallica, Rush, and the Chili Peppers liquified in a blender)." Cheese included the rampaging and irresistible single "Tommy the Cat," which featured a cameo vocal by gravelly voiced singer-songwriter Tom Waits and was selected for the soundtrack to the film Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, in which Primus briefly appeared. Cheese went gold in April of 1993.

Also in 1993--in some sense the band's breakthrough year--Primus received widespread public attention when they were named headliner of the Lollapalooza rock festival. This assignment helped their new album, Pork Soda, debut at Number Seven on the Billboard pop chart, a previously unheard-of feat for such an unconventional band. In a feature on Lollapalooza, Entertainment Weekly insisted, "There's no resisting the frenetic danceability" of the trio's "P-Funk meets Captain Beefheart set," adding, "If this band could write a melody--or, God forbid, a power ballad--it would rule the entire planet."

Entertainment Weekly called Pork Soda "a musical hiccup--a gnarly, funkadelic mix of metal and art rock highlighted by Claypool's slaphappy bass lines and carnival-barker voice." Rolling Stone deemed the album "a weird, whimsical grab bag." Pork Soda featured the romps "My Name Is Mud" and "Mr. Krinkle," both of which spawned grotesque, surrealistic videos. Of Primus's Lollapalooza offering, Entertainment Today claimed, "They put on a superior show that was remarkably tight and demonstrated they were the right choice for the closing band."

Primus has emerged as one of the most musically daring acts in rock, yet its bizarre cross-fertilizations flourish in a garden of relative independence. It's the best of both worlds, and Claypool knows it: staying involved in all aspects of his band's work "gives you confidence," he insisted to Guitar Player, "and that's the most important thing to have in any aspect of the music business”.

Tickets go on sale for Deadwood Mountain Grand Reward Members at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 17th and to the general public at 10 a.m. Friday July 20th. They will be available at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Box Office – The Company Store – or at ticketmaster.com. Ticket buyers should note that TICKETMASTER is the only official ticket broker for Deadwood Mountain Grand. Beware of third party websites and offers. Both hotel reservations and ticket arrangements may be made by calling 877-907-GRAND.

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